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Be sure that you and your business are protected.

High-speed VPN for all platforms. A large network of locations, with instant connection and the most user-friendly interface. Unique base of IP-addresses - your private network for business.
Work comfortably and safely.

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Works on Windows, MacOS, Linux
OneDash.VPN - Benefits
One download and three clicks - no complicated stuff 🙌
Fastest speed on all continents of the world.
Net IPs - always updated 🌎
VPN - that's open to everyone.
Flexible subscription options - privacy for all 🔐
Our service Features:


Windows, Mac Os, Linux - everything you need. And also, we creating Android and Iphone


Certified server for every VPN-location


We have collected countries of all continents. From South America to Australia.


The average bandwidth of the location is 300MBs, for the client it's 150MBs.
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How it works? 3 steps

1. Download the app

- You install the application, signing

2. Connect to the location

- We choose the location that is optimal for you
- Creating anonymous VPN server connection
- We do it all in a couple of seconds

3. You are protected!

- All in and out traffic is encrypted with the best possible methods
- There is no logging, we will not save your data
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The best interface and functionality. Reliable protection of your data and an affordable price.
Take advantage of the new opportunity - for the growing your Business.

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Have questions?
Find answers in F.A.Q:

What is VPN?
VPN - a remote server that encrypts all client traffic in such a way that only the client can decrypt it.

Do you have a free trial?
Yes, we have created separate locations for a free subscription. We offer the opportunity to test VPN for every user.

What is a VPN for?
The main function of a VPN is to protect user data. Also, it helps when working with inaccessible or blocked resources (sites and applications).

How many devices can i use? What are the limitations?
We have practically no restrictions.
Subscription users can be connected on 20 devices at the same time.

Can I use the application on a VPS?
Yes, this will work in a virtual machine too.

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